Yes, Virtualize it All!

83% of IT Decision Makers indicated they plan to make new investments in SDN technology within the next 12 months.*

NSX is a network virtualization platform that supports any application, workload, hardware, network infrastructure, hypervisor and cloud management platform throughout your network. Regardless of your environment, it provides more speed, more security and more agility.

In this paper, you will get a 360-degree view of this robust solution, way beyond the core network services, from our in-house VMware NSX experts. Download the paper to learn about:

  • Microsegmentation — how it works and why you need it
  • The two versions of NSX (NSX-V & NSX-T) — determine which one is right for you
  • A cost-benefit analysis of NSX — see cost savings from actual VMware NSX customers

It's time to bring together your traditional networking and security services across different environments so you can manage them through a single pane of glass, and VMware NSX can help. Get started by reading the paper today!

*SOURCE: IDG Research commissioned by WEI, January 2019.