Empower (and protect) your employees with a rock-solid 'Work from Home' strategy.

Your friends from WEI are here to help with a special VDI offer.

As concern grows around the spread of the coronavirus, we understand that the health and well-being of your employees is of the utmost importance. Providing an accommodating work from home experience is a proactive measure for keeping your employees healthy.

We want to help your organization provide a seamless work from home experience—and we are offering a FREE VDI assessment or VDI health check to you as a valued customer.

WEI has extensive experience with VDI deployments, as many of our customers can attest, and here is how we can help:

Already have VDI deployed? Get a FREE VDI Health Check.

Our virtualization engineers will:

  • Confirm that the current environment is in a healthy state, to avoid any outages
  • Validate performance of virtualized desktops
  • Confirm that the environment will scale to licensed capacity
  • Ensure security compliance is still in place and certificates won't expire
  • Provide an "As Built" report of the infrastructure
  • Provide a VMware Health Check analyzer report of the environment

No VDI? No problem. Get a FREE VDI Assessment.

Our virtualization engineers will:

  • Assess the current compatibility of corporate applications
  • Provide guidance on a Horizon View solution that could meet corporate needs
  • Determine the proper sizing of the proposed VDI solution, and how to best deliver a production environment, either on-premise or in the cloud

What if I just have questions?

We can help! If you'd rather speak with our virtualization team to ask questions that are top of mind for your organization during this time, let's talk.

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As always, WEI is your innovative IT partner and we are committed to helping you succeed, especially when it comes to protecting your most valued assets—your employees.