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*43% of IT leaders believe that AI-enabled technology is the top new investment for the next two years.

What makes AIOps so powerful is its ability to effectively contextualize massive amounts of network and machine data ingested from multiple sources. It performs real time analysis to identify the root cause of existing problems. Here are four prime areas where modern enterprises utilize AIOps:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Automatic remediation of security issues
  • Intelligent alerting and escalation
  • Automatic remediation of IT service problems

To better understand why AI should be the next step in your digital transformation journey, download and read our new white paper, “AI-Driven Enterprise: The Next Objective of Your Digital Transformation.” It uncovers:

  • Network operational benefits
  • Where IT leaders stand after incremental implementation of AIOps
  • Business areas where AI flourishes

 *IDG research commissioned by WEI, January 2020