Where does the cloud land in your digital transformation journey?


*25% of IT leaders consider hybrid cloud as the most crucial element to their digital technology strategy.

Enterprises are reinventing themselves everywhere with digital transformations so how does hybrid cloud architecture fit into this journey? Noted as the most popular investment in a recent study, the elasticity of the cloud is the gamechanger that allows companies to accelerate their digitalization efforts:

  • Companies can rapidly expand outward to cover new geographical areas and service them in a customized fashion.
  • DevOps can test new code in isolated testing environments (almost real-time).
  • Suspicious attachments and payloads can be safely denotated before being allowed into the network.
  • Avoid restrictive vendor lock-ins.

To better understand why the hybrid cloud can accelerate your digital transformation, download and read our white paper, “How Hybrid Cloud Can Launch Your Digital Transformation."

 *IDG research commissioned by WEI, January 2021