Hack Me If You Can!

A conversation with the IT security experts

Cybersecurity heavy-hitters discuss the cyber threat landscape, how hackers operate today, and the critical need for businesses to employ both offensive and defensive security strategies.

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Watch this webinar featuring a legendary hacker, an IT security expert, and a previous FBI cybersecurity agent as they discuss key topics, such as:

  • Common threats and tactics hackers are using to breach networks today
  • How the latest technologies can help your organization take control of security and decrease risks to your most important assets
  • Ways offensive and defensive security strategies can turn the tables on attackers

Meet our Cybersecurity Webinar Speakers

Kevin Mitnick Image James Morrison Greg LaBrie 1
Kevin Mitnick
World's most famous hacker and New York Times Bestselling Author
James Morrison
HPE Distinguished Technologist and
Former FBI Agent
Greg LaBrie
Enterprise security industry veteran and WEI's VP of Technology Solutions and Services


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Navigating the cybersecurity landscape can be challenging.

Having a trusted technology partner like WEI can help you build the right security foundation with secure tools like HPE servers integrated with AMD Processors, while walking you through a cyber-savvy strategy to identify vulnerabilities and take a proactive approach to risk mitigation.

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