Are you searching for a way to streamline deployments and add flexibility to your data center without breaking the bank?

By transitioning to software-defined components from HPE, organizations can create low-cost, fully-integrated data centers that weave together compute, storage, and network resources. As a result, Enterprises can easily manage all of their systems in a single pane of glass, scale infrastructure on demand and dramatically simplify operations. 

Simply download the following files, and you’ll be on your way to discovering how WEI’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are the secret to a modern, world class data center. You’ll learn how this all-in-one platform delivers the speed, ease of use and agility your organization needs to drive innovation and decrease time to market.

White_Paper.png Future-Ready Data Center: Converged vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure   Infographic.png Use Cases for a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Across verticals, IT leaders are looking to software-defined data management solutions to simplify and streamline their systems.

Our white paper explores the differences between two top platforms, converged and hyperconverged, including the operational and financial advantages that can support your Enterprise now and into the future.


While hyperconverged operating environments fulfill the promise to radically simplify IT management and accelerate deployments, their real business impact is demonstrated on the end-user level.

This HPE infographic reveals the top use cases, including desktop virtualization, support of remote/branch office deployments, and enablement of cloud environments for rapid software releases.

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