Let's talk about wireless connectivity.

WEI's seasoned networking engineers can perform an on-site evaluation of your wireless network. Using wireless site survey hardware and software tools, we'll walk through the wireless coverage areas performing both passive and active tests -- simultaneously measuring and mapping the Wi-Fi airspace, as well as end-to-end connectivity.

Assessment deliverables include:

  • RF Coverage Maps – RF coverage area contour maps for the areas requiring wireless coverage to help determine the required number of access points and provide information about RF leakage and coverage gaps.
  • RF Analysis – Information and location of potential RF issues related to the facility structure, interfering sources or other rogue wireless access points.
  • Capacity Plan – Guidance on capacity needed to support VoIP, Tablet applications and BYOD devices as well as other user requirements.
  • Channel Plan – Guidance on correct channels to use all AP’s to avoid channel overlapping and interference.
  • Access Point installation recommendations – Suggested locations for installing AP’s to cover all locations, as well as the necessary wiring.

The assessment also includes a review of your current wireless security strategy. Sign up to learn more about this assessment today!