How to manage, support, and secure Apple devices in an enterprise enviornment.

Episode 3

In this episode of Real Tech with WEI, Chief Architect, Dave Fafel, discusses the infamous challenge—how does an IT organization securely and effectively incorporate Apple devices in the enterprise? This video discusses:

  • Services needed to manage, secure, and repair Apple devices
  • MDM solutions to consider for your mobility strategy
  • How to manage secure access with authentication strategies

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Video not your thing? Follow along with the transcription below:

Chris Lessard:

Welcome to Real Tech with WEI. I'm Chris Lessard, Director of Business Development, and today we have Dave Fafel, our Chief Architect. And today's topic: Apple and the Enterprise.


Dave, there's a lot of Apple in the enterprise: Macs, iPads, iPhones. How does an organization manage all those devices, and more importantly, put services around those devices?

Dave Fafel:

Great question, we get that a lot. Apple products are continuing to grow in enterprise environments today and organizations are struggling with how to manage these devices, how to secure these devices, even how to repair these devices. WEI has developed a set of services to support our enterprise customers for all those important needs across the Apple suite of products. So, whether it's a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, we can come up with solutions to manage those through MDM tools, to provide repair services for those, even to help develop corporate hardened images, multifactor authentication methods, that are specific to the Apple product suite.

Chris Lessard:

Dave, what are some of the services organizations need to harden Apple into their enterprise?

Dave Fafel:

Yeah, absolutely. So, organizations need to be able to track and control these devices the same way that they might control and track other devices such as Windows laptops and Android devices, and having a good MDM strategy is a big start of that. So, whether you're using a tool like Airwatch to manage multiple brands of devices, not just Apple, or you're using a tool like Jamf Pro, which is focused strictly on Apple devices, a good MDM will help you to get your arms around applying security policies, application updates, and control over those devices throughout the enterprise environment.

Chris Lessard:

What about secure access in an Apple environment?

Dave Fafel:

Yeah, another great question. Sometimes the access methods under a different platform such as Windows don't work or don't work as well in an Apple and a Mac environment. So, we work with our customers to develop authentication strategies such as multifactor authentication for Apple Mac and for other Apple devices and we also tie that into their MDMs as well so that they can be assured that the users who are using those devices are complying with their VPN, with their security policies, and with their application virtual control requirements.

Chris Lessard:

Glad to hear it. Thank you, Dave, for joining us today. And this has been Real Tech with WEI, we'll see you next time.

Apple devices continue to grow in popularity and users want to be able to use their Apple devices in their daily work. WEI offers a suite of services specifically designed around the management of all devices in an enterprise environment, including:

  • Procurement
  • MDM Management
  • Imaging & Integration
  • Image development and maintenance
  • Break/Fix services
  • OS Directory Integrations
  • Multi-factor authentication

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