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34% of IT Decision Makers reported they are concerned with adopting containers due to a lack of full visibility.1



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Containers are best known for their role in simplifying application development, providing a disposable, reusable unit to modularize delivery, and bringing consistency to every development stage.


Containers rely on shared resources. With hooks into so many different areas you need visibility into what these containers are doing, what resources they are consuming, and how they are utilizing the network. This becomes a challenge because containers live in the loosely monitored space between hosts and applications. In fact, 34% of IT decision-makers reported they are concerned with adopting containers due to a lack of full visibility.


So, how can you close the visibility gap? Here are four tips. One, understand your security requirements. Two, document your compliance requirements. Three, recognize your host resource requirements. Four, map out precisely what your container life cycle looks like or will look like.


Here's a bonus tip, selecting the right monitoring tool or a combination of multiple tools will help you gain the right level of visibility into your environment as it grows.


Think your organization is ready for containers? Talk to the experts at WEI, who can help you prepare. We offer assessments, checklists, and expert advice based on our own hands-on experience.

Watch this video to learn about overcoming visibility challenges with strategic container tips, such as: 

  • Understand your security requirements
  • Document your compliance requirements

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