Virtualization paved the way for many of the data center innovations we see today.



Mark Gabryjelski, VCDX #23 and Virtualization Practice Manager at WEI, reflects on how this game-changing technology has evolved over the years. Watch this video to get Mark’s perspective on this market and how to find solutions to some of the core challenges currently facing the virtualization market, such as:

  • Virtualization sprawl
  • Too many VMs
  • Not knowing when to upgrade

Video not your thing? Follow along with the transcriptions below:

Mark G.:

If I follow the trends from 15 years ago when it became available to run in the data center to where it is today, six full versions later, you can see that a lot of the benefits and the features that people take advantage of and are looking forward to focus on the automation, the recovery, resiliency, business continuity, those back end operational benefits, yeah, there's always performance enhancements. So hardware always grows and gets better and performs better. And that's true. So we get some better performance to all of these. But people don't look to the performance benefits. They really look towards those operational benefits. When VMware introduced high availability, it took a new level of business continuity for the way we ran out data centers.


Today, a lot of that focus is on understanding how things operate, performance, the analytics, the forecasting, the cost of running my IT in my data center versus the cost of running my IT in a hybrid cloud model in some cloud vendor solution, understanding those cost models and when to move my workloads back and forth. I really see that the automation and the tools that provide us that information are going to become much easier to use and provide better information for all of us at the administrative as well as the executive level.


Some of the challenges that I see that are out there today facing the virtualization market space are a lot of the same challenges we had in years gone by. Virtualization sprawl, too many VMs, no analytics out there, no ability to forecast when I would need to purchase more hardware or run more workloads. Today, some of those challenges, those are really the core challenges at every organization that I see faces. The tools today that exist to go ahead and address those challenges are readily available. There're components that we integrate with all of our customers. We'll be willing to go out and help them stand up these tools and integrate them. Then the customer sees that they get the value. They get the information they were looking for. And then, they can make the right business decision for their environment going forward.

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