Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the next phase of the IT revolution. 



Learn more about SDN, what's driving the need for it, and the benefits it can provide to your organization. Then ask WEI how to get started on your SDN strategy.

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Revolutions are about delivering impactful change. Change that is necessary in order to bring about what the masses demand. Today we are in the midst of a new revolution in IT, a revolution called software defined networking. SDN is an architecture based around three layer. The key layer is the control plane that manages the interactions between the application layer to the network infrastructure below also known as the data plane. Traditionally both the control plane and the data resided at the physical level on the network devices themselves but SDN separates these into two distinct layers.


It is the control plane where intelligence resides that governs the network ensuring the network responds to the continually fluctuating demands of users. It is this control plane that truly defines the SDN revolution. What's driving the need for software defined networking? The shortest answer is that most organizations the complex and rigid nature of legacy network infrastructure is the last remaining bottleneck that restricts the creation of the innovative IT services that the business is demanding.


When considering the chaos and unpredictability that BYOD brings to a network, the on demand mentality that the cloud has created and the complexity of managing east west computing traffic, it's easy to see the burdens that are placed on resource strapped IT staffs to support an increasingly dynamic network. By adopting software defined networking, IT can overcome network bottlenecks and deliver the innovative IT services the business demands. Organizations gain the flexibility and agility to support the dynamic needs of today's networks, the ability to create network resources on demand and the ability to dynamically rout network traffic. Simply put, software defined networking gives networks the ability to keep pace with the speed of change without continually investing in new hardware. Like virtualization a decade ago, software defined networking is the next disruptive technology that will affect both enterprises and the vendors that support them. To learn how to make software defined networking a reality in your organization, visit the link below or call us today.

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