How? By Multiparty Private Offers through the Microsoft Marketplace. Learn more in the article below. 


SALEM, NH -- WEI is pleased to announce it has met all requirements and is actively helping customers to purchase cloud solutions through Microsoft commercial marketplace with multiparty private offers (MPO). For Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers who have unused Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) funds, any qualified software purchase through MPO will count toward filling their pre-committed cloud spend.

WEI’s authorization comes at a time when many larger enterprises are transitioning from legacy infrastructure and relying more on premier cloud providers who offer solutions through cloud marketplaces. For Azure Marketplace customers looking to satisfy unused cloud commitments, WEI can do so while guiding Marketplace customers in researching, developing, and deploying business-changing cloud solutions. Microsoft is unique in that 100% of sales count towards a customer’s cloud commitment automatically when they purchase eligible solutions. As another benefit to Azure customers, WEI can transact with any certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) listed within Azure Marketplace.

“This is a major step for WEI as the Microsoft Azure Marketplace continues to gain traction in the services it provides,” says WEI President and co-founder, Belisario Rosas. “We want our customers to be productive within Azure Marketplace, and that means consuming sustainably in the cloud to help their business grow. We have the capability to guide developers and IT professionals looking for those critical technical building blocks. We can guide them to software solutions that they may not be aware of and enhance their ability to qualify for various discounts within Azure Marketplace.”

A three-time CRN Triple Crown winner, WEI continues to invest in the success of its cloud solutions for more than Azure. WEI also supports Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Certified by Microsoft as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert, WEI supports customers in their IT environments, workloads, and IT support teams to deliver efficient operability for their business environment.

As enterprises continue their respective IT digital transformation journeys, WEI recognizes the importance of bringing financial, IT, and DevOps leadership together to monitor and fine tune these practices in the long term. WEI will assure that Azure provides a strong and consistent focus on cost and financial management through its various accelerators, programs, and tools ecosystem.

WEI’s other end-to-end Azure cloud services include migrations, Infrastructure as Code, identity and access management, Infrastructure as Code, and many more. Common verticals include, but are not limited to, finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and energy. To learn more about WEI’s MPO authorization, please contact WEI at 1-800-296-7837 or