Composable Infrastructure for Dummies

In order to meet the changing needs of today (and tomorrow) IT leaders must evolve their data center infrastructure to become “change-resilient”—to put in place building blocks (technology, software, services, and processes) that are designed for maximum flexibility.

Composable infrastructure is both software-defined (to support agility and ease of management) and automated (to support consistent, secure, rapid, and
error-free provisioning and scaling).

Read Composable Infrastructure for Dummies to learn about:

  • Composable infrastructure and how it works
  • 3 characteristics that comprise composable infrastructure (fluid resource pools, software‐defined intelligence, and unified API)
  • Business outcomes enabled only by composable infrastructure

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NEXT STEPS: Changing to a new model and new technology while maintaining existing systems can be difficult and disruptive for an IT organization. Learn more about composable infrastructure with the following resources:

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*Source: 2015 Frost & Sullivan Cloud Survey