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What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are modular solutions enabled by software-defined components. Compute, storage, and network resources are integrated into a single appliance. A software layer is added as a means to provide centralized automation, management, and control to further enable IT to rapidly provision resources when the business requires it.



Why are Enterprises Adopting Hyperconverged Infrastructure Strategies?

It is estimated that 70% of companies need to access on-demand applications such as Microsoft Office. In fact, many hyperconverged solutions have been built for helping VDI deployments work more efficiently and with less costs and downside. By its very nature, a hyperconverged infrastructure is built around the agility, speed, and reduced costs of helping application and compute functions of the end-user run as efficiently as possible. We created a tech brief that details the top four reasons enterprises are adopting HCI solutions.

What are the Benefits of Adopting a HCI Strategy?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure comes with many benefits. Watch the short video below for an overview.



Are there Challenges with Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Every technology comes with unique benefits and challenges. Typically, one of the biggest hyperconverged infrastructure challenges organizations face is getting everyone within the organization to be open minded about the new technology. Another common obstacle is getting used to and learning how to operate it efficiently to reap the most benefits.

Use Cases?

There are many different reasons an organization would want to adopt a hyperconverged infrastructure strategy. The following video outlines some use cases of hyperconverged infrastructure, as well as common misconceptions about the technology. 



What's the Difference Between Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

While converged infrastructures are primarily hardware oriented, scale-up platforms with centralized management, hyperconverged infrastructures are modular solutions enabled by software-defined components. Organizations seem to gravitate towards HCI solutions because of an added level of flexibility and no vendor lock-in.

What Available HCI Solutions Exist?

Even if an organization wants to explore adopting a hyperconverged infrastructure solution, there are still different options to choose from. Some prefer HPE SimpliVity, while others prefer DellEMC VxRail, Nutanix, VMware vSAN, or something entirely different. 

How can Hyperconverged Infrastructure Lower Costs?



How WEI Can Help

We will work with you to understand your current architecture and application environments from a performance and storage capacity standpoint, as well as your overall organizational needs. We will then work to create a custom-fit solution and built a migration strategy for to make the whole transition as seamless as possible. Contact us with any questions by filling out the form on the right or pushing the button below.


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