No hiring hassles. Our talent pool of specialized professionals are ready.


WEI Staff Augmentation

Many IT leaders are eager for a digital-first approach, but lack the resources required for taking the next step for DevOps, cybersecurity, backup/recovery, etc.

WEI has crafted a simple contracting vehicle that strengthens shorthanded IT development teams and grants access to a broad range of scalable technical skills from one day to one year. The desired staff augmentation model is your choice.

Scale Quickly With On-Demand Experts

  • Rapid transition capabilities; quick ramp up/down, with award winning transition methodology.
  • Deliver high-impact process improvements and advanced technology integration.
  • Stand-out recruiting capabilities; flexible, worldwide and targeted to client requirements.
  • Rigorous hiring standards with background checks to client specifications.
  • Direct hiring capability with flexible contract duration
  • The creation of a bridge to hire as you assemble a permanent team.

No Wasted Interviews: Trust WEI With Your IT Staffing Gaps

Cost-effective staff augmentation simplifies the contracting process and offers you easy access to a broad range of technical skills that are getting harder to find. Filling these positions will help speed the efficiency of project development, and in the end, your IT support team and end users will be thankful.