Upskill & Diversify Your Workforce

Critical skill gaps for early career technical roles are often a deterrent for IT leaders searching for new talent. However, this recruiting challenge can be softened with WEI’s technical apprenticeship for diverse candidates.

Designed to close the skills and diversity gaps for early career technical roles, this program can help your enterprise as much as it does the apprentice. Offering qualified individuals with a formidable career pathway where you can develop and prepare your future workforce not only gives your enterprise a retention advantage, but also builds a go-to talent pipeline for the years ahead.



Invest In Your Future

Are you succeeding in adding diversity of thought, gender, and ethnicity across your technical team? Investing in technology’s next generation of diverse, industry-driven talent can enable your enterprise to new heights. As a minority-owned IT solutions provider, WEI understands the importance of inclusion. 

Our outlook focuses on current and emerging roles within the tech world. Training and mentoring are specifically tailored to unique customer needs, roles, tools, and tech stack.

Pain Points An Apprenticeship Solves For Client:

  • Time consuming performance management for entry level talent
  • Profound diversity gap in technical functions
  • Expensive recruiting campaigns, wasted interviews
  • Shifting employee demographics
  • Low engagement and retention loyalty
  • Lack of upskill opportunities for existing workforce

Our Process

Our technical apprenticeship process begins with an intensive analysis of your needs and custom-tailored solutions to identify diverse, talented candidates. All selected candidates will possess the right raw materials, including the right attitude and aptitude. WEI will then train the candidate to your specific technology stack. All roles are always created and assigned with your specific business objectives in mind.

Step 1: Identify Apprenticeship Plan, Expectations

  • Determine client desired role
  • Curate best in class training – technical & soft skill
  • Customized to role & client tech stack

Step 2: Hire Apprentice

  • Develop job suitability criteria
  • All candidates complete job suitability assessment
  • Client makes final decision from WEI’s top candidates

Step 3: Deliver Development Plan

  • Client trains position’s technical skills and soft skills
  • Client mentors throughout apprenticeship

Step 4: Transfer Apprentice To Full-Time Employment

  • Clients can hire the apprentice if desired skill set is achieved. There is no obligation on the client to hire the apprentice, however.